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Piotr Sochacki
: Wink: This year for the first time I used the services of the office. I am enchanted by professional persons employed therein. Always willing to help and quickly respond to the questions (the first time this year I was with his family in Croatia). I recommend this office. Flat, I picked through the site as a whole is examined (A-1062-a). Well from one small detail. I met really great people here. Mr. Vladislav and his wife Ana are just wonderful. Good morning drink in the fridge and basic products (milk, cheese and sausage in) to do a meal, figs and prunes to snack. Ms. Ana has golden hands - something every day hell - and that apple pie and pancakes are for children, and this corn bread, strudel, and a lot of things that are difficult to remember. Mr. Vladyslav perfectly grilled. We were only 6 days (the planned 14) because his wife is seriously ill and quickly went back to Polish. The Lord took care of us Vladyslav, who went with us at 3 am to the hospital to Split. In a word, wonderful people. Great place for people with young children - it is indeed a piece of road to the beach (in the Marina are 2 public), but the house surrounded by greenery, is a place for children to play, and peace of mind because far from the main street. Certainly, I will return there with his family.: Heart:
Paweł Dzie�%8
It was fun, the hosts are very nice. Beautiful views from the terrace to the sea, and stairs to the beach are not so terrible. Next year we are going to return to the same place. We can recommend this accommodation with all responsibility. We used the services for the first time
Patrycja Jancewicz
Thank you very much for professional service. We booked the accommodation for the first time via the internet (previously we went to the CRO blind) and for sure next year we will use your offer and recommend services to our friends! Fast booking and accommodation as described! Special thanks to Mrs. Emili Rutkowska for professionalism and understanding !!! Greetings Patrycja Jancewicz
Dana Bárková
Did we design, clarity and ease of booking option. With a wide variety of photos and good clarity, we give an idea of ​​how the apartment is furnished.
Lucie Konášová
Everything went very quickly and most professionally. We were looking for a holiday at the last minute and we had quite specific requirements, but the Adriatic, namely Mrs. Daňková, we very willingly came in to meet everyone. Thanks: smile:
Andrea Rastelli
Agency prepared, fast and very polite! Fluent Italian: smile:
I used the object 1071, I can recommend that the comment is at the object, this cave has the best stand from the Croatian travel, there is an overview of the beeches, a lot of photos and the eventual tlf. connection pleasant people, equipping accommodation in the afternoon of payment is perfect and fast
Mirella Monesi
I have booked the accommodation with We will leave in two days. The service (in particular Mrs. Vanja Pivcevic) was very efficient and courteous. We have also found a lot of kindness in dealing with our program changes. So thank you .... We hope that the accommodation is just as welcoming!
Riccardo Deda
We will leave in a couple of days, for the moment I am very satisfied with the choice of; responses and online communications are very fast; Very efficient and courteous service through the toll-free number. Really congratulations! Riccardo Deda
László Schandl
Very good, user friendly site. The administration is trouble free, fast, helpful. I recommend to everyone!
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