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Stanislava Čapková
At, I have readily and quickly found all the information I care about holiday, the offer is really wide and the effort to meet the given demands is maximum. I was very satisfied, I was originally looking for other websites, but this is unrivaled, the action is fast, pleasant and the effort to satisfy first. Thank you very much. Stáňa Čapková
Nevena Racman
I am more than satisfied with the services provided by the They have proven to be very professional, pleasent, quick and most importantly accurate in describing the offered service, so there were no unpleasent surprises whatsoever. I am sure we will turn to again in attempt to find the best accommodation in Croatia :smile:
June 11, 2008
Language: English original  | English (original)
Sabrina D'Onghia
The site is really well done, clear and simple, but above all it is really efficient the agency and the service it offers. A special thanks to Mrs. Vanja who was really very kind and patient !!! I hope that even the stay in Croatia is just as nice !!! I will let you know: happy :: happy :: happy :: heart:
Vladimír Kareš
I am satisfied with the arrangement of the accommodation and I recommend to those interested from the stay at I have now used the service of this office for the second time, if I kept the 2003 document (Sv.Petar apartman), I would still get a discount. It works all, searching, ordering, internet payment, telephone agreement, fast processing. Ing.Vladimír Kareš
Renata Zemanová
I'm very much satisfied. I can only recommend. I used to be a very nice lady or a lady who had sent me in all the smoke. Dekuji: smile:
Siniša Svitlica
Thank you for your reservation. I would like to thank your website and all the services you provide online. It is very nicely made with accurate explanations. I would particularly appreciate your speed when booking. Lp Siniša
István Ványi
They were very helpful. The layout of the page is very good, easy to find, with essential information. I hope your accommodation will be as good as that.: Smile:
Dragana Ca
Last year, thanks to you for all time, I had the opportunity to "fly" into the hotel room and spend my life with the FAMOUSLY. two of us in the usual way, we plan a holiday today for the morning and when we go, we have to go right now and everything must be great. and thanks to the adriatic agency, everything can be (by the way, for the first time we used the service of the agency, we always went to our rescue). STA RECI SEM - SVAKA CAST !!! And IF THE PLANNES WILL SURVIVE TO THE SEA I WILL NOT BRING IF BIH THROUGH YOU WOULD HAVE TO TRAVEL.:heart::heart::heart:
Rodica Moraru
It's the first time I use the electronic method, on the recommendation of a friend who visited Croatia and I am pleased with the promptness, seriousness and especially the seriousness and kindness with which I have been served. Let me thank you this way and I will also do I kindly recommend that you use your seating. I wish you well. Sincerely Rodica Moraru Timisoara :::
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