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Welcome to! It was a pleasure for us to take a break with your company. We had great, the apartment was beautiful, the sea clean, the beach is arranged. Local people on Brac were very friendly and helpful. All the praise for the owners of the apartment, who were friendly and hospitable, for which we thank them! They were invisible, but nevertheless always available. Once again, I praise your agency, with whom we will continue to work together with the apartment owners, who were very hospitable and who welcomed us very nicely. We also appreciate the beautiful coast on the island of Brač and the beaches close to our accommodation in Postira, Lovrečini and Bol. We have enjoyed a unique holiday. It is our pleasure to cooperate with you. We'll be back, and we're still cooperating. We also wish you many successes in the future! Stanko Zver and friends: cool: Thanks and nice regards!
Ivo Sokola
Absolutely good cooperation with Miss (Miss) Pidikova. A willing, professional approach, we are your supporters for the years to come. I cordially greet the whole team and hold my fingers for further work. Ivo: smile
Bábovský Martin
Thanks to the ADRIATIC travel agency and especially Mrs. Pidikova for a wonderful holiday. We were very satisfied with your services. : happy:
: wink: Okay, day. I was afraid you responded quickly to the order. Thank you for your help and I wish for a great deal of success. Tkacik
We spent the summer in Trogir. We are sorry that this site can not be found on the Adriatic! Welcome to everyone and enjoyable holidays!
Daiana (Goodlife 2000)
Hello out there, This is a very beautiful website, I have enjoyed my visit here very much. Thanks you so much.
The best e-site in Croatia! Great work guys, keep it up.. Hope I can find work with you... :wink::smile: Stay cool & professional! :cool:
July 31, 2004
Language: English original  | English (original)
We returned yesterday from Croatia. These pages are super, they are done so perfectly that we did not even look at others. Reality did not go away from the photos, and the payment or the handling fee was simple, quick, I did not even have to leave the house. The responses from the travel were really prompt. The only thing that did not do us anyway was the photos of the beach. They were most discouraged by the building, although it looked nice. Finally we chose him from the boredom because it was not more appropriate. And we did well. The holiday was amazing. More superbly, a few meters from that on the photos of the beautiful beach, cleanliness, calmness, small tourists, home super. We also thank Mrs.Pidikova for the travel.
Marc-Jan Backer
Hello, really nice site....good information....looking forward of visiting Croatia once again. Marc-Jan Backer
July 29, 2004
Language: English original  | English (original)
Zita Tomanová
I would also like to thank your employee Alexandra Pidík for this time spent choosing our year-round vacation despite the fact that we were unable to use your services because of time. Based on last year's experience when we were able to use the services of your CK and we spent a very nice week in Ciovo-Buşinci, I hope that we will also use your services, which I consider to be extraordinary, for the next year. Sincerely, Toman.
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