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Ana Čulić
It is praiseworthy that in Croatia, more and more people are turning to this professional way of presenting our tourism. YOU WANT TO KNOW YOURSELF !!!: cool:
An excellent site with design and a great choice of languages ​​is a concern for the agency itself and the programs it offers.: Happy::smile:
: lol: it was the most relaxing and beautiful vacation of the last years. The place was beautiful and the hospitality of exceptional people. I think I'll talk about you with all the people I know. GOODBYE!!!
September 27, 2002
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Tanja Vukičević
I like this way of presenting agencies and their offers, this is how quickly and efficiently presents our little Croatia to the whole world ....
September 25, 2002
Language: English Google Translate  | Croatian (original)
Tihana Pažanin
The site really is full of information and useful tips that in my opinion every guest should know before going to our beautiful country. The offer is really rich, and I was impressed by two things: direct rental of sailing boats and rental of lighthouses. Likewise, the site can be read in a large number of languages, which is another big plus. Just continue this way.
September 24, 2002
Language: English Google Translate  | Croatian (original)
The sites are full of praise for your work, I do not follow the offer of all tourist agencies on the Internet (for now) but judging by the reactions, your work is high quality. The pages are for my taste graphic poor. My suggestion - more pictures. Good texts.
September 23, 2002
Language: English Google Translate  | Croatian (original)
Jela Abram
Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. While surfing the net I found this great website. It is great to see the beauty of our country on a well designed web site. Keep up the great work and lets hope lots of people do discover the beauty of Croatia through your web site and take the time to visit the country as well.:smile:
September 10, 2002
Language: English original  | English (original)
Frans Van Zijst
First we were there, than we had to go further, than back again and in that period we had a wonderfull and splendid time in the surroundings of Split. Friendly and nice people, good food, nice surroundings, what do we need more? It was faboulous. Next year (2003) we will come again.
September 9, 2002
Language: English original  | English (original)
Slovenia Matjaž Mali
We were quite satisfied with the holidays on Krk (except that it was quite noisy in the evening), we only had a little time just to get used to. I really like your page and I'm sure that I will first review your offer on the Internet for the second year. Hello
I recommend everyone stay with this tourist agenturou.Všechny information on the Internet match, access is great, no problems arranging telephone: happy: all instructions provided by the Agency to the booking process is accurate, voucher actually came within 7 days from the date of dispatch of the apartment zálohy.Majitelé telefon.domluvili with us during our journey to make us easier to find a place-we met at a restaurant near the unmissable selected object and place us zavedli.:smile:
September 1, 2002
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