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Karlovac, Continental Croatia - Top sights and holiday destinations


Riviera Karlovac


A city that is located in a favorable position between the capital city of Zagreb and the Adriatic. Also, Karlovac is a town located on four rivers (Cup, Dobra, Mrežnica and Korana). The reason for such a favorable position can be found in the decision of the Habsburg Monarchy to build a fort in this place, which main task was to prevent Ottoman conquests and their penetration into Western Europe. The star-shaped fortress was built in the Renaissance style and today forms the old center of Karlovac..

Interesting facts about Karlovac

If you want a different vacation experience in Croatia, Karlovac is the right destination for you. The area that has played an important role in history will delight all "cultural tourists" with its fortresses and castles. You want to take an amazing picture that will reminde you of a magical vacation in Croatia or simply indulge in natural beauties, go and explore the green forests and rivers in the vicinity of Karlovac. In addition to its beauty, the nature's power will provide a real challenge for all adventurers through an unforgettable rafting, mountaineering, horse-riding experience. You can go for a break from all of these activities with a glass of beer. Karlovac has a long tradition of beer production, which lasts from 1854. Today, Karlovac is still one of the leading beer producers in Croatia, and a famous beer festival is held throughout the year.

What to see in Karlovac?

Sights you should not miss while visiting Karlovac:

  • Karlovac star fortress
  • Korana river
  • Old town Dubovac
  • Foginovo beach
  • Wooden bridge
  • Homeland War Museum

Karlovac - What to do, what to see?

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