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Punat, Island Krk




A green cove on the island of Krk, interspersed with mementos of ancient days, hides the town of Punat in its idyll. Lush Mediterranean flora is every visitor's welcome, and even more so on the nearby isled of Košljun, a curious green oasis in the cove's deep blue midst.

Ancient Punat embraced by Mediterranean flora

The charming town of Punat greets its visitors with the tale of its history which is mirrored in the place's very name. According to legend, its roots are in the Roman bridge Pons. Deep in Punat's cove, two mysterious columns are said to be the old bridge's remains.

Krk's secrets are hidden in the surrounding area as well. The greenery around Punat thus conceals a wealth of archeological monuments - everything from prehistorical cairns to medieval churches.
The twelfth-century church of Saint Donatus, built all in stone, intrigues visitors with its unusual appearance. Another delightful example of Punat sacred architecture is the Church of the Holy Trinity, which has been known for the most beautiful Baroque altar in Kvarner since the eighteenth century.

Punat - the curious islet's mysteries

A special attraction of Punat is the nearby islet of Košljun. Visitors can expect to meet as many as 540 species of plant and mushroom, carefully tended by monks for centuries. The uniqueness of flora surrounding the monastery is a mere introduction to the treasures hidden within.

Visitors to Punat's neighbor, Košljun, will have the chance to explore a library containing over thirty thousand titles, and a truly odd zoological exhibition with such specimens as the two-headed lamb. This islet of surprises is also a gorgeous summer stage for classical music concerts which, during the Krk evenings, spread along the shore.

Punat, Krk - What to do, what to see?

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