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Vir, Island Vir




In the southeast of the island of the same name, there lies the town of Vir, all along the coast of a wide bay. The Bridge of life, as the island natives call it, connects Vir to the mainland, while the sand and shingle beaches attract numerous visitors, who prefer to spend their summers surrounded with charming Mediterranean nature. Soaked in sunlight and conifers defying the salt winds, Vir has become a prominent North Dalmatian destination. The relative seclusion lends it an additional charm, while the vicinity of transportational hubs makes it an excellent starting point for daytrips to Croatia's interior.

Vir - a collage of history and nature

The town of Vir was mentioned by Croatian kings as early as the eleventh century, but its most lasting imprint was left by the Venetians in the sixteenth century, when Kaštelina fort was raised on the shoreline. The fort was meant to defend the island from Turkish raiders, whereas today it is besieged by pines and beach-goers. Near Kaštelina you can treat yourself to a therapeutic mud bath in Sapavac cove, with many quiet corners waiting to open their arms for you in all across the island.

Vir in the melodies of summer

A walk bay the seaside on Vir can take you to the lighthouse in the west of the island, or to a panorama of the neighboring islands and Mount Velebit across the channel. The unique submarine "architecture" will delight you with its plant and animal diversity. Cyclists will enjoy the track which will take them across the Bridge of Life to Zadar.

After an active day, relax to the joyful rhythms of the hot Vir summer. Performances by vocal choirs and folklore groups from all over Croatia, as well as mainstream concerts will lull you into a musical fantasy of a tranquil summer night.

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