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Novigrad, one of the first holiday destinations in Croatia, can be found on the coast of Istria, where the river Mirna flows into the Adriatic. Inhabited since antiquity, Novigrad is marked everywhere one looks with the remains of its long history, now lying dormant within the medieval walls. Besides the cultural attractions, Novigrad also welcomes its visitors with performances by the world's music stars.

Novigrad - traces of history on Istria's seaside promenade

The old town core, built on an island only connected with the mainland in the eighteenth century, is interlaced with the many historical periods which have gone into Novigrad's making. Along the town walls from the thirteenth century, there stretches a wonderful seaside promenade, where the historical ambience is complemented by the salt wind from the big blue.

A walk through Novigrad's past takes the visitor to the Lapidarium - one of the most valuable collections of stone monuments in Croatia. A wealth of art works, such as frescoes and baroque paintings, awaits in a unique church, consecrated simultaneously to three saints - Saint Mary, Saint Maximus and Saint Pelagia.

Since the sixteenth century, the gorgeous Belveder loggia has been a recognizable trademark of Novigrad. It is the only such loggia in Istria built on the verge of the sea.

A musical summer in mystic Novigrad

The town which had a published guidebook as early as 1845, continues to attract many visitors thanks to its vibrant scene. The well-known blues festival is one such event, where numerous performers from the world over come every summer.

Cultural events are more than balanced by those focused on wining and dining. An old pagan custom has been revived as the Astro Party. This is a celebration of the Celtic holiday congruent with our August 1. Star-watching and appropriate melodies and ambience, in a town blacked out for the night, make for an unforgettable holiday.

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