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Novigrad, Istria - Top sights and holiday destinations


Riviera Novigrad

Novigrad Riviera

The charming fishing villages of the Novigrad Riviera on the northwest coast of Istria are clustered around the eponymous harbor town. A hang glider taking off from Karigador town can encompass the entire Novigrad Riviera with one view.

A unique mix of ancientry and modern ambience on the Riviera Novigrad

Novigrad beckons its visitors to explore cultural sights hidden behind the well-preserved medieval town walls, additionally decorated with round Renaissance towers. The square tower guards the entrance to the once-town gates, and the Belveder loggia is unique in Istria by its coastal placement. Also, no list of Novigrad's cultural sights is complete without the parish churches of St. Pelagia and St. Maximus.
On the other hand, Novigrad boasts one of the best marinas on the Adriatic. Other towns along the Novigrad Riviera - Karigador, Dajla, Paolija - have managed to remain surrounded by nature despite their long tourist tradition. Visitors to Dajla can, in addition to enjoying the centennial pines on one of the numerous rock and shingle beaches, explore the elegant villa Grisoni, the history of which stretches back into the distant antiquity.

The strange secrets of the Novigrad Riviera

Incurable romantics will enjoy seaside walks on the Novigrad Riviera. Traditional Istrian fishing boats, the batans, gently sway in their moorings, as the Sun sets... we strongly suggest you experience this moving sight from the western part of the old town of Novigrad.
Visitors to the Novigrad Riviera who prefer more active holidays can take a canoe safari on the Mirna river, try their hand at hunting in the river's valley, explore the interior of Istria by cycling along one of several well-kept tracks...
Thanks to the ideal location of the Novigrad Riviera, many destinations are within easy reach. The Lim channel is a well-known area for fish and clam farming. Baredine and Mramornica caves are home to numerous unusual species, including the endemic olm. Excursion to places as far away as Venice are organized on an ongoing basis.

Magical sights, sounds and scents of the Novigrad Riviera

The Novigrad Riviera comes to life in the summer especially, when diverse artists gather together for the various cultural and culinary festivals. At the Novigrad Cultural Summer, visitors will experience drama, painting and music in various shapes and forms. Globally popular performers come for the Novigrad Music Nights, and the public feast of St. Pelagija, which goes on for several days at the end of August, is a chance to witness traditional folk games and try the local specialties.

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