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Rab, Island Rab




The town of Rab, decorated by its four bell towers, resonant with the traces left by Kvarner's eventful past in its streets. The old town core, still resting serenely on an oddly-shaped peninsula, is nowadays much in demand as a cultural tourism destination. To the cultured visitor Rab sends its medieval postcard, a ticket to the Rab knights' tourney, where bows and arrows reign supreme.

Rab - where history echoes from the four bell towers

The medieval town of Rab had the first of its bell towers constructed in the twelfth century beside the church of Saint Andrew. Inspired by the simplicity of its lines, the bell tower of Saint John was erected later in the same century. The old town is however dominated by the eighty-foot-tall bell tower of Saint Mary, but the most pleasing aesthetically is the youngest, that of Saint Justine, which has been rounding up the vistas of Rab postcards since the seventeenth century.

Visitors passing the well-preserved town walls will get a chance to see the delightful plazas with ttheir wealth of historical motifs. In the town center, the facades of breathtaking fifteenth-century palaces of the Dominis and Nimira families add an artful touch to the Square of Saint Cristopher. This walk through history continues at the Municipium Arbae square, which is dominated by the Prince's court, an important monument of the old local authorities. It is dappled with the reminders of the different centuries which contributed to its construction.

Chivalrous Rab in a forest of arrows

The town of Rab is brought back into the Middle Ages for three summer days during the traditional Feast of Rab. A multitude of traditional arts and crafts, as well as homemade products are all the side attractions to a knights' tourney. There are always plenty of surprises in store for the visitors, especially at the famed crossbow competition.

A more modern face of Rab can be seen during the nights of the Rab Summer Festival when numerous musical stars gather within the town walls. If it is silence you yearn for, and the harmony of nature, Rab invites you to a walk along its park Komrčar, where some of the finest specimens of Adriatic plant life can be seen.

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