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Lea acerca de la belleza natural y la cultura de Croacia, recoga ideas frescas para un viaje al Adriático y encontre consejos útiles.

Tourist traps to avoid in Croatia

Tourist traps to avoid in Croatia

Publicado: 10/06/19

If you decide to visit a well-known tourist destination for your next summer vacation you need to keep in mind that besides a positive experience, you can easily find yourself in a situation that could leave a bitter taste. Although today there are many applications... Más información...
6 Non-touristy things to do in Croatia

6 Non-touristy things to do in Croatia

Publicado: 28/05/19

Let's say you've already spent a summer vacation in Croatia and visited some of the best tourist attractions and locations and you are coming back this summer. What should you do next then? Why not change the routine this time and try something completely different?... Más información...
The best Croatia craft beer you must try

The best Croatia craft beer you must try

Publicado: 23/05/19

Although it entered through the small door, craft brewing in Croatia has become very popular and has led to the renaissance of the beer scene. For a long time people were mostly consuming "industrial lagers". Craft beer revolution took over the whole world quickly,... Más información...
Where to avoid crowds in Croatia?

Where to avoid crowds in Croatia?

Publicado: 10/05/19

Are you one of those who prefers peaceful tourist destinations without annoying crowds? Although it may seem to you as a destination which is flooded with people, Croatia does have the other, more peaceful side, more precisely, beautiful places that are not so much... Más información...


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