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Guide - Prices in Croatia


Prices in Croatia

Prices in Croatia

"What are the prices in Croatia?", that's a common question we get from our guests, especially if they visit Adriatic for the first time. That's why we bring you a short overview of prices in Croatia.

The kuna is the currency in Croatia. When converted to euro, you get that 1 euro = cca 7,50 HRK.

What can you buy for 1 euro, that is 7.5 kn?
You can buy a scoop of ice cream for example. For 7 to 10 kn you can have an espresso or tea. You'll pay around 15 kn for a soda drink or juice, whereas 0.33 L bottle of beer will cost you somewhere between14 and 20 kn, depending on the location and how fancy the place is. However, if you're planing a night out be prepared to pay a bit more for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks; e.g. you might pay up to 30 kn for a beer.

If you get hungry while sightseeing you can always grab a snack in one of fast-food bars. There you'll find a wide range of choices; pizza slices, sandwiches, tortillas, sweet and salty pastries, all at reasonable prices. For example you can buy pastries for as little as 6 – 7 kn, and even the most expensive sandwiches won't cost you more than 25 – 30 kn.

If you opt for a restaurant, the most economical choices are pizzas and pastas which cost between 40 – 70 kn. In local taverns a dinner for a family of four goes from 250 to 350 kn, however this price range doesn't include dessert, drink and entree, the price of which is pretty much the same as in cafe bars. In fancy restaurants prices are higher and dinner price for family of four can easily amount to 750 kn and more.

In general, food places have menus displayed at the entrance so before you choose the one of your choice take a walk down the city and check out the prices restaurants, tavernas and pizza places offer you. The walk might not only save you a few euros but incite your appetite as well. Although, a good healthy meal is worth paying a few euros more.

If you plan to cook your own food, keep in mind that supermarket prices are significantly lower than the ones you'll find in local stores. Best places to get fruits and vegetables are city markets where you can always find fresh locally grown products.

Little sweet treats are especially popular on beaches. For a pancake you'll pay 15 – 20 kn, for a doughnut 5 – 10 kn, and for a roasted corn 10 – 15 kn.

Accommodation in Croatia

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