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Bol, Island Brač




Bol has been the holidaymaking champion of Croatia for many years now. This prestigious title was earned through the efforts to ensure a near environment and plenty of fun to its visitors, together with the many natural and cultural sights it boasts. Bol is situated on the sparsely-populated southern side of Brač, a place of untouched nature, the remains of hermitic enclaves, beaches of delicate shingles...

Bol - the oldest coastal town on Brač

Of all coastal habitations on Brač, Bol is the oldest. It was populated in antiquity, as testified by Roman remains, including country villas and as many as seven archeological finds in its vicinity.

The Dominican monastery of Bold holds its priceless cultural wealth. Visitors to this awe-inspiring place can look into archival records, books, liturgical vestments and vessels. Of particular note is a painting by the sixteenth-century Italian grand master Tintoretto.

Another extraordinary cultural institution symbolic of Bol is the Branislav Dešković gallery. It contains over four hundred paintings and sculptures thematically linked with Brač landscapes.

Bol reveals one of the Adriatic's finest beaches

Zlatni rat, or the Golden cape, is the very pinnacle of Bol's tourist offer, and its recognizable symbol. The beach is unique in its positioning, as a wedge stretching perpendicular to the coastline. Winds and currents tip left and right, making it different each time you visit. Fine shingles stretch to almost half a mile in length, around a wooded center. Favorable winds make it a well-beloved windsurfing destination.

Bol is also well-known as the best place to go out on Brač. Restaurants and night clubs offer diverse entertainment, which is augmented in the summer by many public events. One such is the fest of Our Lady of the Snows (August 5), the summer carnival in the first half of September, the Bol summer throughout July and August, and Živilo lito and Adio lito (meaning Hail summer and Bye summer), events showcasing the beginning and ending of the season.

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Bol, Brač - What to do, what to see?

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