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Povlja, Island Brač




Povlja is situated in one of a dozen or so coves lined up along the northwest of Brač. The sheltered position of these coves is a lure for yachters, while other visitors will found most enjoyable the exploration and relaxation options in the unpopulated coves around Povlja. With population less than 400, Povlja is synonymous with a stress-free holiday away from the pressures of urban life. Povlja was awarded the title of the most beautiful small town in 2003.

Povlja spelled in Cyrillics

Although hardly more than a tourist resort, Povlja has its name on the map of Croatian literary tradition. At one time, three different alphabets were used to write Croatian, with Cyrillics alongside the Latin and glagolitic scripts. The oldest specimens of this kind of writing was found in Povlja.

One such is Povaljski prag, or the Hearth-stone of Povlja, a relic of the twelfth century containing a carven inscription with regards to the land donation for a church site. Another is a document detailing everyday life and social affairs. These two valuable historical artifacts are today held in Split and Pučišća respectively, however their replicas can be seen in Povlja.

Saint John and Povlja in church, feasting and legend

Saint John is indelibly linked with Povlja. The parish church is dedicated to him, and the town's main holiday also. An interesting legend connects his name with Povlja as well. Supposedly there was an ascetic shepherd honored with the name Saint John of Povlja. His bones are reputed to be buried underneath the baptismal font in the church. He was notable for healing plague victims while speaking in tongues. Later, his bones were supposedly stolen by Venetians and presented in the Rialto in Venice as Saint John of Alexandria.

Povljan beaches will delight the visitors no matter where their preferences lie. Hidden coves offer a chance of total seclusion, while more active holidaymakers will be able to rent boats, surf boards, jet skis, and also day trip boat charters.

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Povlja, Brač - What to do, what to see?

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