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Karlobag, Kvarner - Top sights and holiday destinations


Riviera Karlobag


A small place at the foot of Velebit mountain is the perfect combination of the Mediterranean and the continent parts, the crystal sea and the largest mountain massif in Croatia with only a few minutes drive.
Karlobag is the definition of a destiation where you can experience complete peace. Reason? The place is in an isolated position, and to reach the first major cities it takes about 50 km through the Adriatic hihgway. The nearest place is Starigrad, 48 km away, followed by Senj (64 km), Zadar (93.5 km) and Rijeka (128 km). This makes Karlobag ideal for those who want to leave city crowds and recharge their batteries on vacation.

What to do in Karlobag?

If you need a certain activity to suppress the routine while you are charging the battery, stop by to the nearby church with the monastery of St. Joseph built in the 18th-century Monastery has a library with theological literature from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. If you are strolling through Karlobag, you will notice a greater number of wells built in stone. These wells (popularly known as "Šterne") were the only source of drinking water in this area before the existence of the water supply network.
It is interesting that the Šterne were also places for gathering and socializing the local population through history. Today they are considered cultural heritage. After sightseeing, you can relax on the well-known sandy beach of Tatin, located in the cove at the northern entrance to Karlobag.

Surrounding towns in the vicinity of Karlobag you need to visit:

  • Cesarica
  • Ribarica
  • Lukovo Šugarje
  • Barićeva Draga

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