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How to experience local cuisine on a budget

Print Published: 15/01/2019

Leading touristic destinations are aware of the rise of experience tourism and that is why prices can go a little bit higher than usual.

Now, if you travel, it's fair to assume that money is something that you should not be so worried about because you are want to enjoy every moment, but on the other hand why shouldn't you save some money and use it to see more things than you previously planned?

The rapid flow of information along with the social networks are responsible for fast trend shift, which caused commercialization of gastronomic delicacies an making them surpass the geographical term "local".
As a result, this leads to an increase in demand which makes the tourist destinations, where the recipes are originally from, good financial use of it as well.

But you do not have to worry. Every touristic place has its own hidden corner that has special offers and they don't nececarilly have to be a burden for your wallet. It all comes down to how much will do you have to search for those places.
That is why we will give you some tips on how to experience local treats and possibly, redirect the money you saved on other activities.

Follow the locals

Discover one of the most popular world cheeses

In the summertime, you will never find a local resident at (a) crowded places.

They usually have their own spots where they drink coffee and eat their favorite meals, and those places are always harder to find and usually cheaper than places that are located in the city center.

That is why it would be a good idea to ask a local for a piece of advice or recommendation. They will politely point the location of the best places that serve local food and for the best price.

Pag is a perfect place where you could enjoy the benefits of Mediterranean gastronomy while you are on vacation.

Locals are very friendly so it won't be a problem to exchange thoughts or get some advice, especially if you want to find a place that serves local food. For less money of course.

Pag is an island that has one of the most special dishes not only in Croatia but in the world. Cheese and lamb are the most popular and you can't miss a chance to try them.

If you plan to put Pag specialties to your bucket list look at our offer for a private accommodation.

Food markets

Food markets are great places to meet local shopping routine and buy fresh ingredients

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If you are more of a DIY type, food markets are great spots to find more stuff for less money. You could see what products locals have and buy, that are not common for your cuisine.

This would be more of a cultural thing because it would be a great opportunity to see how locals shop, and how they behave.
In Dalmatia, it is impossible not to have fresh ingredients for lunch or dinner.

Local markets are loaded with people, usually early in the morning. If you want to use the opportunity to find fresh fruits or vegetables for a smaller price you should go approximately at noon or after.

Split is a good example of a city that has food markets with a huge offer of homegrown groceries. Not only you can find fresh food and vegetables, but you can also a spot where you can find fresh flowers or maybe even grab a bite on the go.

Food market opens early in the morning and it is amazing just to watch the crowds and their shopping habits.

Besides fresh groceries, there is also a fish market. Famous for a colorful choice of fresh fish.

Now if making a lunch is a priority for you, the key to get home with colorful groceries and save some money on the side is to be patient.

Markets usually close between 1:00 – 2:00 pm. That would be the perfect time for shopping because many sellers are willing to sell the last groceries left under the regular price. How much can you lower the price also depends on your bargain skills.

If you want to have Split local experience check out our accommodation offer.

Kiosks hold many surprises

If you are in a hurry you can always grab something on the street

If you are tired of switching restaurants, street food would be a proper alternative. We are not talking just about fast food like hamburgers or sandwiches, it is easy to find small kiosks that serve specialties with strictly local ingredients.

The best part is, it would be a lot cheaper than going in a restaurant, and of course, you could start a conversation with locals who prepare your meal to find out more about local culture.

A place that is considered a street food paradise among tourists is Makarska.

Literally, every corner of that small town has a spot that offers local treats.
Here is a small hint. Visit their traditional fair known as fisherman nights. Why? It's an opportunity to try local specialties, and it is also a good way to experience the local lifestlye and learn something about tradition.

Local fairs like this one hide real treats that you won't be able to find anywhere in the world, and they are offered for a small prices.

Besides fish specialties you don't want to miss a treat like Makarana cake or local version of sushi made with strictly of fresh fish and home grown ingridients.

If you plan to move away from big cities on the dalmatian coast book your rooms in Makarska.

Good old restaurants

A lot of restaurants serve local specialties

For those who prefer restaurants, and are not keen on spending a fortune on a meal you should check for restaurant specials. Many restaurants have good deals where they offer at least 3 meal courses for a smaller price.

You would have to do a little research by yourself but in the end, it would pay off to have a good local meal without hurting your wallet.

To make sure you don't spend much time on searching, here is advice.
Visit small towns on Dalmatian coastline, even those which are isolated. They are less populated and don't have many landmarks like in the city, which is why you will have more time to experiment with different flavors.

One of the best examples is the island of Murter. Place where the privacy of every guest is respected but that doesn't stop the locals from being warm and friendly.

Murter is a town with long fisherman tradition, so you can expect nothing less than fresh fish or other sea fruits. Small places are known for being price-friendly than bigger cities and that is why you could have a decent meal and save some money. This would be good especially if you are traveling with family or in larger groups.

Looking for a peaceful summer vacation? Check out these mrooms in Murter.

Tasting homemade cuisine recipes is one of the indispensable parts of every travel journey, especially for those who actively search for the experience or customs of new cultures.

Cuisine is key ingredient to those travels because new flavors complement the entire experience of the place you are visiting.

Alhough it may seem that the gastronomic delicacies cost more, there are places that can offer you an unforgettable experience with less money, and all you have to do ti find them is to do a research.

It also depends on the ability to „loose yourself” in the city streets and explore.
Because the best memories come from situations that are never planned.



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