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Blog about Croatia

Read about natural beauties and culture of Croatia, get some fresh ideas for trip to Adriatic and find useful tips.

Free activities on Adriatic you must try

Free activities on Adriatic you must try

Published: 25/03/2019
The rapid flow of information through modern technologies has made travel more accessible and cheaper than ever, but despite that fact, most of the people still believe that for travel you need to save a respectible amount of money. But is it truly like that in... More info...
Top Free Attractions in Croatia!

Top Free Attractions in Croatia!

Published: 08/05/2013
Transport, accommodation, restaurants, cafe bars or a sweet treat on the beach – all that can drain your holiday budget considerably. That's why we present you with some of the most interesting attractions in Croatia which are absolutely free of charge. More info...
 20 000 Harley-Davidsons on their way to Biograd

20 000 Harley-Davidsons on their way to Biograd

Published: 22/05/2011
This year, Croatia will be hosting bikers from all over Europe at the continent's biggest bikers' meeting - the European H.O.G. Rally. Excursions along the coast, a spectacular parade, test drives, contests and concerts - are just part of a biking dream inviting... More info...
Split: Pricigin Storytelling

Split: Pricigin Storytelling

Published: 18/03/2011
Split is known by its original sport, a favourite beach relaxation – picigin. Just like the bathers of all ages hit the ball and pass it on in the shallow of the most popular beach, Bačvice, a large audience and writers will be “passing on” words a... More info...
Rijeka – Big Carnival Finals

Rijeka – Big Carnival Finals

Published: 02/03/2011
Rijeka has been preparing a spectacle to mark the end of a carnival festivity that has been occupying the city streets for a month. On Sunday (March 6th) domestic and foreign carnival groups will come to procession in Rijeka and compete in creativity, or... More info...


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