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Crikvenica, Crikvenica




Thanks to a holidaymaking tradition spanning over 120 years, Crikvenica has earned a reputation for an evocative place which often draws returning visitors, but plenty of new ones as well.

Found at a crossroads of land and sea pathways, near to great natural beauty and blessed with mild weather and clean air, Crikvenica has become a prestigious Adriatic destination. This traditional therapeutic oasis has, as the years passed, amassed a wide variety of entertainment venues, nor was the hospitable culture of the local population unhelpful in this regard.

Crikvenica - a harmony of tradition and modernity

Crikvenica has grown around a small church ("crikva") built at the start of the fifteenth century near the mouth of the Dubračina river. The core of the town-to-e was the monastery built alongside the church. Settlements which today make up Crikvenica have sprouted up in the coves which once served as harbors for the medieval towns of the Vinodol valley in the hinterland.

Robust stone breakwaters testify to the construction skills of the local population, the fame of which reached far and wide. The town's modern visage has been discreetly applied to its traditional foundation, which gives the place a special added charm. Crikvenica is full of narrow alleyways, reminiscent of the days when medieval noblemen traced those same steps.

A great attraction of Crikvenica is its oldest hotel, the Therapia, built more than a century ago, and the former fifteenth-century Pauline monastery, which has also been refurbished into a hotel.

The rejuvenating climate of Crikvenica

The motto "come old - leave young" may well describe the effect of Crikvenica on its visitors.

There is a great deal more to enjoy in Crikvenica than the crystal-clear waters of the sea, the purity of which consistently earns the Blue flag award. The lush greenery hides numerous walkways and trails, of which the Path of the Romans and Lovers' road are notable avenues for exploring the Crikvenica surroundings.

The natural beauties of Crikvenica are a veritable rhapsody in green and blue, sure to enrapture visitors with their views. Their palates are set to experience equal delight if they try the Frankopan cake, a dainty only found in and around Crikvenica.

Crikvenica - What to do, what to see?

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