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Afdeling planning en ontwikkeling

Where are we going and how are we going to get there? Department dealing with the analysis of business results, guests' behavior and market trends with the aim of defining and applying processes and methods that deliver better business results. Here is where the tasks of other departments get recycled, molded and intertwined.

  • Indira Šormaz Gudić

    Indira Šormaz Gudić,
    mag. ing. el.

    Planning and Development Manager

Afdeling product ontwikkeling

Department that works on developing and expanding our agency's private accommodation offer. The aim of this department is to create a wide and representative private accommodation offer so that our guests can find their ideal accommodation according to their requests and wishes.

  • Jakša Babić

    Jakša Babić,
    univ. bacc. art.

    afdelingshoofd van de Product Development
  • Duje Bulaja

    Duje Bulaja,
    mag. biol. et oecol. mar.

    Product development Specialist
  • Božena Bitunjac

    Božena Bitunjac,
    mag. oec.

    Medewerker product development
  • Ana Ticinovic

    Ana Ticinovic,
    mag. oec.

    Medewerker product development
  • Petra Milan

    Petra Milan

    Medewerker product development
  • Zrinka Komić

    Zrinka Komić

    Medewerker product development
  • Mima Samodol

    Mima Samodol

    Medewerker product development
  • Antea Maras

    Antea Maras

    Medewerker product development
  • Tihana Gal

    Tihana Gal

    Medewerker product development

Afdeling Administratie

Department responsible for timely update of terms of cooperation with our clients, as well as all other documentation pertaining to our bookings. In a professional and friendly manner, we secure and offer all required and necessary information to our partners.

  • Leana Čović

    Leana Čović,
    mag. oec.

    afdelingshoofd van de administratie
  • Andrija Dlaka

    Andrija Dlaka

    Administration Specialist
  • Duško Bulat

    Duško Bulat,
    spec. oec.

    Administration Specialist

Customer Service

Department with the task of supporting our guests on every step of their travel – from booking to their return home. And all that in more than 10 languages.

  • Melinda Parčina

    Melinda Parčina,
    bacc. oec.

    Reisagent voor hongaars
  • Tamara Baniček

    Tamara Baniček

    Reisagent voor sloveens
  • Srđan Todorović

    Srđan Todorović

    Reisagent voor italiaans
  • Svetlana Vrdoljak

    Svetlana Vrdoljak

    Reisagent voor roemeens
  • Agnieszka Pawelec

    Agnieszka Pawelec

    Reisagent voor pools
  • Dejana Maric

    Dejana Maric

    Reisagent voor duits
  • Maja Kordić

    Maja Kordić

    Slovak Speaking Agent

Contact center

Department responsible for communication and cooperation with homeowners. They are always at our clients' disposal and handle issues quickly and accurately.

  • Mate Babić

    Mate Babić,
    mag. oec.

    Contact-center Specialist
  • Antonia Jakelić

    Antonia Jakelić

    contactpersoon callcenter
  • Lucija Bjeliš

    Lucija Bjeliš,
    mag. soc.

    contactpersoon callcenter
  • Marin Neveščanin

    Marin Neveščanin

    contactpersoon callcenter

Afdeling Sales- Verkoop

Department with the task of improving sales and optimizing sales process and development of customer support tools with the aim of quick and accurate booking processing. Thanks to this department's contribution, we provide the best value for our guests' money.

  • Janka Nađ

    Janka Nađ,
    mag. oec.

    Sales Manager
  • Eva Duilo

    Eva Duilo

    Sales assistant

Afdeling Marketing

How to reach as many guests as possible, how to get them to visit our website, and all that without direct contact? How to communicate both internally and externally? These are some of the creative, fun and measurable tasks of the department that also deals with account management and partner integrations.

  • Nenad Milovanović

    Nenad Milovanović

    Marketing specialist
  • Ivan Ricov

    Ivan Ricov

    Internet Marketing Medewerker
  • Tihana Trogrlić

    Tihana Trogrlić

    Internet Marketing Medewerker

Afdeling human resources - personeelszaken

We are aware of the fact that the success of our company can only be achieved if we have the right people with the right set of skills doing the right jobs. This is the department with the task of setting standards of employment, supporting employees' development, sharing the's culture and keeping the cohesion of team members.

  • Jasenka Radinović

    Jasenka Radinović,
    mag. oec.

    Human Resources Manager
  • Ivan Bašić

    Ivan Bašić,
    spec. oec.

    Human resources Specialist
  • Ena Jurić

    Ena Jurić

    Medewerker personeelszaken

Afdeling - boekhouding en financien

Department responsible for the accounting and financial segment of our business. They tackle new challenges every day – from the tiniest accounting tasks to global tax inquiries – and successfully contribute to our growth and development.

  • Marina Grlić

    Marina Grlić

    afdelingshoofd van de boekhouding en financieën
  • Mislav Begović

    Mislav Begović,
    mag .iur.

    Accounting Specialist
  • Bruna Čalija

    Bruna Čalija

    Medewerker Boekhouding en financien
  • Lucija Ćulum

    Lucija Ćulum

    Medewerker Boekhouding en financien

IT afdeling

Department that supports our growth by developing and maintaining our own software solutions and information infrastructure. Expansion of our business enables this department to take on various exciting challenges and projects.

  • Goran Šerić

    Goran Šerić,
    mag. ing. el.

    afdelingsoofd van de Information Technology
  • Vlaho Brčić

    Vlaho Brčić

  • Katija Šore

    Katija Šore,
    bacc. ing. comp.

  • Ivan Kurevija

    Ivan Kurevija,
    mag. oec.

  • Vanja Dobrijević

    Vanja Dobrijević,
    bacc. ing. el.

  • Bernardin Ćenan

    Bernardin Ćenan,
    mag. ing. comp.

  • Željko Vranješ

    Željko Vranješ,
    mag. ing. el.

  • Danko Lučić

    Danko Lučić,
    mag. math.

  • Tihana Bodrožić

    Tihana Bodrožić,
    mag. ing. el.

  • Tomislav Parčina

    Tomislav Parčina,
    mag. ing. el.

    IT Systeem Administrator
  • Marko Kapor

    Marko Kapor,
    mag. ing. comp.

    IT Systeem Administrator
  • Zdravko Blagdan

    Zdravko Blagdan,
    mag. ing. el.

  • Ivan Brković

    Ivan Brković,
    mag. ing. comp.

  • Petar Perišić

    Petar Perišić,
    stihoklepac i rođak Ivana Perišića

  • Ivana Žaper

    Ivana Žaper,
    bacc. ing. techn. inf.

  • Igor Šušić

    Igor Šušić

  • Duje Aljinović

    Duje Aljinović

  • Jakov Jelinić

    Jakov Jelinić

    IT Systeem Administrator
  • Ante Penić

    Ante Penić

    webprogrammeur team

Mission and vision's mission is to provide a rich and detailed offer and enable guests to find and book their Adriatic accommodation in a simple and quick way. Our team of experts makes sure your dream holiday becomes a reality.'s vision is to be the first choice for guests looking for the shortest way to private accommodation in Croatia.

Onze normen en waarden

  • Reliability and fairness

    Reliability and fairness

    We take our agreements seriously and fulfill all our commitments responsibly. In case an issue arises, we tend to handle it with self-criticism. We accept others and are not bribable in any segment of our business.

  • Excellence


    We don't accept being average. Instead, we always strive to give and do our best. We appreciate expertise, and handle each task with care for details and precision. That is what helped us get to where we are.

  • Growth and development

    Growth and development

    We always strive to be better, faster and stronger because we can grow our business only by growing our employees.

  • Efficiency


    We work fast without compromising on quality. Our results are evident and we always help each other to do our best.

  • Openness to change

    Openness to change

    We appreciate proactivity, creativity and we constantly work on improving our business processes and personal skills. That is why fresh ideas are always welcome.

  • Team spirit

    Team spirit

    We always put WE before I and that is why we aim to work on achieving our goals together, while doing our best. Honest and open communication and inclusiveness enable the positive atmosphere we work in.

Our departments

  • Afdeling planning en ontwikkeling

    Afdeling planning en ontwikkeling

  • Afdeling product ontwikkeling

    Afdeling product ontwikkeling

  • Afdeling Administratie

    Afdeling Administratie

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

  • Kontakt-centar

    Contact center

  • Afdeling Sales- Verkoop

    Afdeling Sales- Verkoop

  • Afdeling Marketing

    Afdeling Marketing

  • Afdeling human resources - personeelszaken

    Afdeling human resources - personeelszaken

  • Afdeling - boekhouding en financien

    Afdeling - boekhouding en financien

  • IT afdeling

    IT afdeling

Employee's experiences

  • Working in a nice atmosphere which promotes teamwork, thanks to my colleagues, enable me to do my job with a smile on my face. Additionally, thanks to flexible working hours, it's easy to balance private and work life.

    Božena Bitunjac
  • enables me to do my job in a nice and flexible working environment.

    Snjezana Ninčević
  • #when you try to find a job after uni, and get so much more... and even after 10 years, it's not enough.

    Leana Čović
  • Vrijeme na poslu prolazi brzo, ljudi su jako topli i spremni uvijek pomoci.

    Karina Lewandowska
  • In this short period I've noticed only positive sides to working at the agency: from flexible working hours from students to very relaxed and positive working atmosphere which makes you really want to come to work every day.

    Zrinka Komić
  • is a place where you can learn a lot, and the atmosphere and the team are very positive and motivating.:)

    Luca Kozina
  • Short, but sweet!

    Ivana Tomić
  • A dynamic working environment, in combination with teamwork and good interpersonal relations, motivates each individual to be a top performer. Besides achieving goals and making business better together, each employee can find a position which will highlight their skills and improve them in the best possible way. Together with managers' support, understanding and openness to suggestions and ideas, each employee feels valuable and respected.

    Petra Milan
  • Great people, great location and great job!

    Paulina Sprynca
  • Working at is a great addition to my career. Nice atmosphere and friendly colleagues make powering through difficult days easier.

    Dino Misetić
  • Teamwork, nice working atmosphere, great working conditions and stimulating environment made my experience one of the better ones in my career.

    Anita Vrsalović
  • Persistence, professionalism, quality and respect. If you're looking for it, you'll find it at

    Kristina Petrić
  • I'm happy working at because I'm surrounded by motivated people full of potential, and the agency itself recognizes that and gives a lot of room for growth. The atmosphere and space I work in are very comfortable which greatly contributes to the quality of work.

    Barbara Novosel
  • Working at is great when you're a student thanks to the flexible working hours and colleagues' understanding. This means you can easily organize your private and work life. Comfortable and motivating work atmosphere contributes to enjoying the time you spend at work.

    Antea Maleta
  • Applying for a position at was the best business decision I made during my student years. Besides a positive environment and good colleagues who are always ready to help, I've gained a lot of experience that will help me in my career. Flexible working hours enabled me to successfully juggle between my studies and other duties. Work, order and discipline are in place for all those who want to grow professionally. I would most definitely choose all over again.

    Ana Tičinović
  • Work, order and discipline with utter respect for employees' private obligations and desires.

    Duje Bulaja
  • Working at is my first professional experience. I've finally gotten a chance to replace books and notebooks with something real and tangible in a nice, friendly and motivating atmosphere where you have the feeling your contributing to something and creating something. And you cannot fake that feeling.;)

    Ivan Jukić
  • A challenging and dynamic job, great work environment adapted to employee's wishes and needs, modern offices, great product and great customer service. Teamwork is encouraged as well as the desire to achieve our common goal that leads to exceptional results and breaking records each day.

    Tihana Baniček
  • Thanks to great understanding at work and flexible working hours, it's easy to keep work, all other duties and social life in balance.:D

    Hrvoje Andabaka
  • We always try to do better:)

    Vlaho Brčić
  • I love the team I work with at and I love the fact that we're there for each other. I work in a positive environment in which every new day is a new challenge and an opportunity to learn.

    Larisa Roso
  • Dynamic work in an atmosphere that ideally combines professional and friendly approach. Employees are really taken good care of.

    Srđan Todorović
  • It's a real pleasure to do what you love, and it's an even bigger pleasure when your work is appreciated and done in an inspiring environment. These are the reasons why it's a pleasure to work at this company.<3

    Indira Šormaz Gudić
  • Working at is dynamic, interesting and fun because there are always colleagues ready to make a joke. You learn something new every day and pass it on to homeowners and guests. I like this company.:)

    Božena Džolić
  • I've spent a couple of hot summers in a cool office surrounded with great people, interesting guests and even more interesting situations in which they find themselves in. The main reason I'm here is the fact that, even after the most intensive day at work, I go home with a smile on my face and that's an obvious sign that I'm at the right place.

    Tamara Baniček
  •, the shortest way to satisfaction!!! work. The best agency I've ever worked at.

    Ivan Kurevija
  • Working at is a great experience for all communicative people with a desire to learn about tourism. Relaxed atmosphere and friendly colleagues are just an extra bonus!

    Mia Sara Pejković
  • is a place which broadens your social and professional views. A place where teamwork and friendship intertwine, a place that gives you a sense of belonging.

    Marina Grlić
  • Great atmosphere and stimulative salary together with a positive working environment are most definitely a prerequisite for potential employees and students who get the chance to work and feel comfortable.

    Petar Maleta
  • A company that knows what it wants, nice working atmosphere, great colleagues. Those are the main reasons I'm still working here, even after 15 years.

    Janka Nađ
  • It's a real pleasure to work at because you're surrounded by colleagues always ready to help, you have flexible working hours, and a nice, friendly and motivating atmosphere.

    Karlo Erceg
  • It's a pleasure to work shoulder to shoulder with these people.

    Jasenka Radinović
  • What I love the most about is the enjoyable working atmosphere, professionalism and flexibility. That's why I come to work with a smile every day.

    Ana Matošić
  • When I get up in the morning, I'm happy to go to work because I know I will contribute and help someone. The atmosphere is great and 8 hours just fly by.

    Svetlana Vrdoljak
  • I am happy to be a part of a team that respects and accepts differences, ideas, different views and lifestyles. Creative, diligent and friendly environment motivates me to do my best everyday, and the results of my work are always recognized and respected.

    Deni Jelinčić
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