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United Kingdom Anonimno
It was my worst nightmare. Accommodation I booked, Hotel Slaven is 2 star but I think it should be closed down by Tourist Board. I will send room photos to Tourist Board to verify it is really 2 star. There was even cockroach in the room. Room was awful, food was poor. I had to pay more from my pocket to be moved into something habitable.
You've rated us: (23 September 2018)
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Very bad communication and no help - watch the photos of the accommodation
You've rated us: (12 September 2018)
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Germany Anonimno
I was promised something else, now arrived at the house is everything else! We have never been so unhappy! Now it is claimed that it has NEVER been said that way. 500 euro for 1 week = without any privacy !! I am looking forward to the departure
You've rated us: (2 August 2018)
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Jaroslava Brabcová
I am very disappointed from this year's holiday. Adriatic does not know what it offers. Apartments owners report untrue data.
You've rated us: (24 July 2018)
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Poland Agnieszka Górska
We searched the apartments, placed an order and got a refusal. The reason for the refusal was that the owner does not accept large groups because he has bad experiences. This large group consists of two families: 2 + 1 and 2 + 4. In that case, I ask who is the 6-bed apartment ????
You've rated us: (6 March 2018)
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Czech Republic Petra KUBÍČKOVÁ
Unfortunately, I am very disappointed with accommodation on the island of Pag. Totally dilapidated accommodation without access to the sea. Owner's and travel agent's access is zero, we've contacted BUSINESS INSPECTION. Believe that when the problem is brought to you, this traveler will stand back and try to play in the car. Unfortunately, I have to write this review to warn others from working with this traveler. Believe that having a grill in the grill, no waste, a dilapidated kitchen and no access to the sea is possible. We had a separate house for 3 families, so we did not interfere, the owner lived right in the house above us in luxury and told us what was normal and nothing to do with it. But we think there is a place where the door can not be locked, and the shower problem is simply totally unsatisfactory. Petra Kubíčková
You've rated us: (11 January 2018)
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You've rated us: (27 August 2017)
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Hungary Dudásné Szőts Anna
I'm sorry, but I did not have a good experience and I was warned to all that Pawnbarn would book accommodation in a place that was cheap and it was advertised 10 meters from the sea and more than 500 square feet in the garden . In the garden there is actually a car park - as far as I can see it. The sea is really close, but the building is crumbling, unclean, the bucket eavesdropping on the parquet and has dug nails and bigger lashes. However, what was the biggest problem was that the upstairs room had a doh smell that we fled from it. Unfortunately, we tried to call the office several times, but the phone was not picked up. The Hungarian was no longer available, offered the machine the use of the English language service, but no one was connected, and there was silence on the other side of the line. (Announcing availability by 8 to 22). Finally, we left after payment and we took our world with a 31-year-old mommy at 17 o'clock and we were looking for accommodation. Wandering about 20 o'clock we found a spacious, clean, clean apartment in Tkon. True, there was no internet. So we managed to get a double price !! I do not understand how an agency can market such a property! True, I was already very late, and I was delighted to find it at the time I was looking for. Then we've seen that this is not going to be our dreams, but we tried to get ready for any detergent and we thought we could do it ourselves to the difficulties. But this hard doh smell !!! What I did not understand yet! We traveled hundreds of miles away, the autobahn sometimes entered, we had to cross a ferry that we did not know how often it was going, but we had to predict the expected time of arrival! The sign from to was not appropriate. I post the letter to the Bureau after a letter, after 4 days we were again searching for a hotel. In the afternoon when we were in the new house and packed, they were called, but my daughter did not understand because she did not know that while we were looking for a new accommodation, I wrote to the Bureau for some help as they offered cheap opportunities. So they responded by letter, they wrote, unfortunately they can not help, all places are busy in the main season, but our complaint is investigated. Thanks to God, we quickly found a new, beautiful and good, new, modern, well-equipped, sea-to-beach accommodation, all right in Tkon. But the services of the Bureau are unlikely to be offered or offered again !!
You've rated us: (18 August 2017)
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Poland ZK
WARNING !!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! I do not recommend !!! The 40% margin, the apartment did not match the description so we waived from the rental and did not want to return the advance
You've rated us: (15 August 2017)
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Wolf Krauter
I can only here warn: We had Medveja 7720a booked and got 1 day before the arrival the message that you were overbooked. A replacement would only be available near Split. 500 km additional journey were not acceptable for us, the holiday is thoroughly messed up. THANK YOU!
You've rated us: (14 August 2017)
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