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This year I am going to Croatia again with your office. Mostly this is my third trip to Croatia. I drive my own cars and have traveled all over southern Europe from Spain to Greece and Egypt. However, I like Croatia the most, especially Southern Dalmatia. This year I am planning to travel to Albania. The website of your office is one of the best websites and the most professionally run and the great service of your employees (especially Mr. Waligórski) causes that I recommend you to all my friends being sure that they will not be disappointed. I recommend to all those who travel south to visit the town of Mediugorie in Bosnia and Herzegovina and I must say that although I am a skeptic and as I always say I do not believe in miracles, in fact I met a miracle there but this is another story. I recommend to all Croatia with the office
Ivana Filipović
All OK! : Lol:
Bethlen Tamás
Perhaps I'm surprised to write, but I'm also absolutely happy with the page and the e-mail agent that we are going to travel to Croatia. It all started with seeing a very cheap air ticket deal for the family and I figured out to skip two nights in Dubrovnik. The travel agencies in Hungary could not help with the hotel offer, they say everything is full, which is left in the balance. There were not many other sites on the internet, but here we were expecting a very serious supply of apartments, even a few meters away from the beach - and there was no doubt about the variations. What I did not know about the site, I was asked through e-mail, and I was able to filter it out of an abundant, quick response. I'm seriously impressed. We did not go for it: we realized that 46 hours from Thursday night 9 to Saturday night 7 - there is still one such trip ...
While I'm going, I'll see you as soon as I get back. But the initial impressions with contact on these sites is very good.: Biggrin:
Very convenient system of navigation, calculation of tours, there are rarely such convenient resources
Jana Blahova
I would very much like to thank for the effort, the kindness and the shame that Mrs. Pidikov did in our vacation. With such professionalism on both the professional and the human side, we are not in any travel agency. It is one very nice thank you and I wish the entire company of many successes and grateful clients: smile :: heart:
After a few days of sightseeing in Croatia, we can use at least some sunshine through smoke :: heart :: tongue:
: heart: Jade to Croatia for the fifth time is always the most beautiful holiday I hope this year will also be successful. I recommend to everyone.: biggrin :: wink :: astonish :: smoke :: tired :: heart:
Gicu Arama
It's a very nice, well done and useful site! It was a pleasure to browse through it! More, after my holiday this year! I'll use it to book on-line few days in Croatia. An advice: try to locate on a map the place, I mean the town where accomodation is located! For example, in Macrolocation, Middle Dalmatia it's a big area! We need something more precise.
June 4, 2006
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I'm pleasantly surprised by your co-operation! Hello!: Smile
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