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Reinhard Felser
Great website, works great, fast and informative. What I had missed in the details of each object, was the indication of which floor is the respective apartment. greetings
This year for the first time I'm going with my family to Croatia with the ADRIATIC travel agency. Reading your reviews from previous years, I think it will be great. javascript: insert_smiley (': kiss:') javascript: insert_smiley (': kiss:')
David Voráč
Meanwhile everything was OK Mrs. Pidikova is very nice. We hope that the holidays will be ok can only be recommended!
The pages are well-arranged and well-handled, communication with a representative in Split was also very good and we mainly met our requirements. Thank you and we look forward to your vacation.:smile:
Jiří Hrubý
Croatia has been traveling through this travel agency for the second time and we were very surprised by the discount. We are happy with the services and the website, there is everything you need to make the right choice. Looking forward to another holiday in Croatia: smile:
John Smith
Very interesting website. Keep up the outstanding work and thank you...
May 11, 2006
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Pavla Šimková
This year I will go on holiday with my family and friends through this travel agency for the first time. I am very happy with the negotiations. I praise especially Mrs. Alexandra Pidíková, who came to meet me all the way, thanks again. Of course, I'll be back after a vacation with my experiences.: Happy: I wish all the beautiful days.
MUDr. Jana Vybulková Zavadilová
The websites are very nice and I have to say that all of the websites offering stays in Croatia (and all these years I know all of them) are the best because the client can get to know the place of stay and see if he meets his ideas about (situational photos of apt, beach and sea, etc.), but also apartment plans that are more important than photos of the interior and there are also other exhaustive information about both the beach and about apt. Hopefully everything will match this information: smile:
Jaroslav Wagner
Thanks for the great and fast service. We are looking forward to your holiday.
Janek Handzuš
Hello! This year we go to Croatia with family holiday this year for the third time, and I think it suits our satisfaction!: Cool: During the negotiations with the agency, there have been no problems or even the smallest problems, so I enjoy this year also for pleasant days by the sea . Thanks!
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