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Guide - Customs regulations


Customs regulations

Customs regulations

Customs regulations in Croatia are almost completely harmonized with the rules and standards of the EU countries, however 1,000 HRK is the value limit of non-commercial items brought into the country for personal use and exempt from tax duty or VAT.

Customs regulations in Croatia are harmonized with the EU standards. Items for personal use up to the value of 1,000 HRK are exempt from tax duty or VAT. Every type of professional equipment and technical device must be declared to the customs official.

Foreign and local currencies and cheques can be taken in and out of the country by both foreign and Croatian citizens with foreign residence. However, they have to declare every amount of 10,000 HRK or more to the customs official.

Those people who don't have permanent or temporary residence in Croatia are entitled to VAT refund for items bought in Croatia if the value of those items exceeds 740 HRK per one invoice. The purchased items must be submitted to the customs where VAT form is verified and the date of crossing the border is entered, which should be within 3 months from the invoice date. Claim for VAT refund should be submitted no later than 6 months from the invoice date.

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