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Baranja, Continental Croatia - Top sights and holiday destinations


Riviera Baranja


Baranja is a hidden tourist pearl located in the east of Croatia. Although many defined it as part of Slavonia, Baranja is a separate region with its geographic, historical and cultural specifics.

Interesting facts

In recent years, Baranja has become one of the most attractive destinations in Croatia. Many will say that the most famous landmark in Baranja is Nature Park Kopački Rit, but the truth is that you will find many other sights and ways to entertain in Baranja. Baranja is not a classic destination where mass tourism prevails. It is a picturesque area that will capture every tourist on first sight with its serene nature, river and swampy areas that reveal the secrets of the amazing plant and animal world. The incredible landscape is complemented by vineyards, sunflower fields, and the golden wheat as well as picturesque villages.
Combined with cultural, entertaining and economic manifestations, Baranja is slowly affirming itself as a recognizable destination for rural tourism. When it comes to gastronomy, Baranja is one of the most interesting regions in Croatia because of its variety of dishes including meat, fish specialties, and interesting desserts as well as famous wines and brandy.

Cultural diversity

The Baranja area is the right multicultural region since it brings together about 20 different nationalities. In addition to local tradition and culture, you will also have the opportunity to learn about the way of life and other people in this area.

Kopački rit

North of the mouth of the Drava River in the Danube river, in the area that makes an incredible sight on the forests, lakes, meadows, bars, is one of the largest natural swamps in Europe - Kopački Rit. It is proposed for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Great biodiversity (more than 2000 biological species) in the Park is a reflection of the richness of flora and fauna, which are the result of a developed ecosystem that is regularly changing thanks to the water of the Danube and the Drava rivers.

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