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Zagreb, Continental Croatia - Top sights and holiday destinations


Riviera Zagreb


The capital of Croatia that will capture your attention on first sight. Zagreb will remind you of a bigger metropolis, for example like Vienna or Prague. The unique look is the result of the application of different architectural styles. From the unique architecture and appearance to the natural parks and the wide variety of events - Zagreb offers something for everyone.

Interesting facts

Unlike many Central European metropolises, the look of Zagreb is the result of a fascinating combination of classical Austro-Hungarian architecture and brutalist architecture which dates back to the period of socialism. Like most metropolises, in Zagreb, you will find attractions such as museums, historical sights, well-known events and festivals and lots of fun. Did you know that Zagreb has the largest number of museums per square meter? Do not think that your visit to Zagreb will only be limited to sightseeing. One of the best nightlife experiences in Croatia, complemented by world-renowned festivals, and an extraordinary culinary scene that follows world trends will easily fill your schedule.

Upper Town

The picturesque medieval part of the Croatian capital will delight you with a beautiful look and unforgettable view of the entire city. All the time, you will turn your head to capture beautiful scenes and you will wonder what is hiding behind the next street, a new park, instagrammable spot, or a museum. Don't miss a chance to visit St. Mark's Square and St. Marks church with a marvelous roof made of mosaic.

Metropolis with the greenest areas

As it is said, Zagreb offers something for everyone, as well as for people who love activities in nature. From large buildings and city crowds, it is possible to escape to the nearby Medvednica mountain, which offers a wonderful view of the Zagreb panorama. If you are not keen on the idea to climb the mountain, go to the nearby Jarun Lake where you can swim in the summer.

The best local experience

If you want to find out more about local habits and treat yourself with the fresh food at the same time, go to the Dolac market, which has been in the same place since 1930 and still supplies locals with fresh fish, meat, dairy products, and fruits and vegetables.

Zagreb - What to do, what to see?

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