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Savudrija, Umag




Savudrija is the northernmost point of the Croatian coastline and the focal point of the Savudrija riviera. In Roman times, Savudrija used to be an important harbor. Surrounded with traffic hubs, it is an easily accessible and very attractive holiday destination, equally so for families and adventurers. Thanks to the healthful properties of the local climate, Savudrija became known as a therapeutic resort and an idyllic getaway spot for children and adults alike, as early as the nineteenth century.

Savudrija, a love nest

Savudrija's most famous landmark is the oldest functioning lighthouse on the Adriatic, built in the year 1818, to commemorate the love of a local aristocratic couple. Its tower rises to a height of 36 meters (about a hundred feet), and offers gorgeous views of the riviera and Savudrija bay. This monument to love continues to attract many romantic spirits to date.

Another easily recognizable feature of Savudrija are its boat cranes. These wooden devices, present nowhere else on the Adriatic, are used to lift boats out of stormy waters for protection.

Since antiquity, people here have subsisted on fishing and farming, which can still be seen today in the preserved farmholds known as stancije. Some of them have maintained their original shape and offer an opportunity to travel back to a slower time. Others have been reinvented as luxury suites for rent. Another exciting path to history can be trod by visiting the eleventh-century chapel of Saint John.

Savudrija's green skirts of seduction

Sporting enthusiasts will come into their own in Savudrija. They can try their hand at golf or cycling, or sailing, the winds for which are here ideal. Afterwards, relaxation awaits in the shades of lush Mediterranean greenery, seafront footpaths, and of course beaches.

"Savudrija nights" bring the town and its surroundings to life with live music and home cooking. Those fortunate enough to be in town during this festivity will have a chance to sample Istrian prosciutto, asparagus, shrimp and calamari.

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Savudrija, Umag - What to do, what to see?

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