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Hungary Vörös Dóra
Professional and excellent. The site is very user friendly, careful and precise organization, a polite tone - in a word, fantastic. I recommend to everyone.
Italy Giada Conchione
I was looking for an apartment in Premantura area. I found what I was interested after receiving clarifications and information. The agency is very good, very present for all practices, polite and professional.
Łukasz Dmochowski
Full professionalism. Professional service. Always nice and specific.
Poland Lukasz Jakubek
We found an apartment in very nice place and decent price even though it was quite late. Description and pictures were accurate, we have got even sth. extra as the apartment had a TV (not listed in description). Also there was parking place under roof. As a hint: use Google street view to verify location and surrounding. It worked in our case.
August 26, 2015
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Soňa Gereková
Again we were happy with We thank you
Hungary Molnár László
This is the fifth time we traveled to Adriaticcal ... this was a huge disappointment! We trusted in our expertise, so we did not search, requested a quote ... Our request: easy access, quiet place ... What we got: an apartment close to an airport, from 06.00 to 24.00 approx. or a plane flying every ten minutes ... The apartment was on a 45 degree steep road, at some speeds, while praying not to come in contact with anyone ... almost every day the rain fell, so the wheel of the car caught ... we tried walking to the city, but I got such a muscle slump that we gave up after two occasions. In the datasheet (4846a) there is excellent English proficiency, in reality everyone has spoken only in Croatian, so on arrival there was so much communication that gave us the key here, paid, we took the key back home. Since I was only communicating with you, I had to buy an internet card the next day. 85 To find out what to see ... there are bus or boat transport etc. There is a restaurant at 300m away ... but it does not work long ago, the closest entertainment, dining option is 3.5km away from Trogir or 1.5km away. Arbanija, but the bus is seldom involved. There are two small shops and a bakery ... There is a window on the toilet in the picture, there is really nothing but a fan that does not have anything to do with the dense sewage smoke coming on the vent ... The bed seemed to me too short, but the pictures were somehow bigger ... The streets around the buckets piled their eyes, because they probably did not dump, the stench is huge ...! There is not much walking, so you have to walk on the street, the motorists, and especially the locals run at least 70 in Table 30, we have seen crosses between Mastrinka and Trogir ... We were Otkrug Gornjin, the more beautiful, on our way home to have some nice memories of summer, we had a bath there ... Mastrinkata will be avoided in large circles once we go to Croatia once. In this, in a week we felt that they hated the Hungarians, the tourists there! When they opened the shop they did not let me in, they waited for 10 minutes while the Croatians went in, showed me to wait ... everything was posted in Croatian, in the shop and tried to deceive ... 1-2Kuna always ... fortunately I'm a good head writer, always giving back the money. I'm sorry I did this, but you have been collecting, working and working for a year to get away, relax somewhere, relax for a week, and then you will receive it just annoy ... I first described this & quot; Live Chat & quot; ; but I did not get any answers ...
Slovenia Danijela Majcenovič Cipot
Business with the agency was correct, friendly, always up-to-date. The accommodation was as it was imagined. Thank you.
Adriatic services are correct and reliable, I have been using them since r.2010 repeatedly several times a year and always without any problems. well thank you
Paolo Palma
We found ourselves bad in everything for the house is in the availability of the agency in reclaiming a problem that has reduced the holiday to a nightmare never again !!!!
Luca Tonellotto
Hello, very efficient agency even if they offered me an apartment that was really disgusting, I think it was 5 years since I cleaned and it was really fattiscente.Il fridge did not work and the door itself did not lock so you can imagine and more than I am not to list ...... greetings
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