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Hungary Gyuláné Simon
I recommend everyone to & quot; & quot; Web page. The office is fair, fast and accurate. Everyone finds a holiday for your needs!
Hungary Fazekas Flórián
I can say the only good feature set Any question I always got the help I turned to them and very quick! Thank you !!!!
Czech Republic Denisa
With the services of travel agencies Adriatic We are extremely satisfied. Repeatedly use their offer and we can definitely recommend it. Their reliability and responsiveness is great. This year we go again:-))
February 3, 2015
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Russia Marina Vyazova
Rested in July 2014, the Omesh (Apartment Omiš (Omiš) - 4851). All very well and exactly as on the website: beach, town center, shops around the corner. Any hostess very hospitable and welcoming. I can not add your comment to the apartment page. I strongly advise all. City Omesh a miracle: a sandy beach, the mountains, historical sights, the people are very friendly.
Radek B.
S CK Adriatic I was in Croatia 2x. I have to say and I will repeat, like 3 years ago, from the CK could teach other itineraries. Here is a clear example of the "Adriatica" It's all about the client. I have to take off as before offering perfect, absolutely agree that in terms of destinations on offer with photographs on pages CK. Likewise, I have to commend the staff in communication skills. I have always "talked" with Miss / Mrs D.Petric and I must say that her willingness knows no bounds. Thank you and this way you like CK good wishes. I again look forward to dovču. :) ..díky You.
January 14, 2015
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Slovakia Tomáš Hjadlovský
Everything in absolute satisfaction odporucam
January 12, 2015
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Viera Lisá
Very good experience and was very happy with the TA, we took you several times. Thank you
Hungary György Fogarasy
The administration is correct. fast and extremely polite.
Марјан Зафировски
Wonderful and very professional agency with respect to a wide range of offers and example for other travel agencies in the region. The only dispute that had initially been exceeded and that despite most sent emails not answered me exactly how long the reservation must deposit for the apartment or the booking will be canceled. But despite the misunderstanding not disrupt the positive opinion and therefore the organization of a wonderful vacation. :)
Hungary Illik József
We are in Croatia for 12 years, since we always correct administration, I recommend to everyone.
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