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Eva Taňašiová
I would love to thank you for all the services your travel agency has done. For the first time, I have to pick out excellent websites for your clients, which I have been orienting without difficulty. Holiday is still waiting for me and I therefore hope that our cooperation will continue to be as great as it has been so far. I'm glad that I found this way of choosing a holiday and I will certainly recommend you to my acquaintances. Have a nice day.
Jiří Zeman
You have worked nicely website with plenty of information, only the search would have given the possibility to use multiple parameters simultaneously. There is a large selection of accommodation. Communication with the agency was smooth and friendly. I must commend the work of the agency last year, when we finally could go on vacation for health reasons and because of communication and friendly attitude of employees, we solved the problem. We look forward to this holiday. Thank you and goodbye.: Smile:
Kanyó László
I am very pleased to be able to meet the office, the quick response, the great helpfulness, and the pleasure of communicating in Hungarian. Hopefully the relationship will not break, I can only recommend it to anyone. Thanks. László Kanyó
I am very pleasantly surprised that the reservation system is e-mailed in Croatia so professional. I must thank you personally for the promptness and speed of Adriatic's staff, who in no mean way helped me to choose the destination for my holidays. I am glad that Adriatic has taken care of us overcrowded, which do not have time to run through the agencies and decide between the rich tourist offer of the Croatian coast. I salute you and I wish you a rich and successful season. Special greeting for go. Nejasmić, for its correct, up-to-date and quick information. Okan
F Pellisé
Excellent professionals!
March 4, 2005
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Silvano Pasello
I booked the holidays for the month of August 2005 and can say that so far everything went awesome. It is the first agency to respond kindly and quickly. Then I write to you how the August holidays went. Excellent Site +++ congratulations to agency FRANKA: biggrin :: biggrin:
Proszenyák József
Thank you to the "ADRIATIC.HR" staff, especially Marina Debak, for helping me choose the right apartment. I hope that the apartment will in reality provide the service that will appear on the Internet. Thanks again. Sincerely, József Proszenyák
Novobaczky Zsuzsa
I'm sorry that eventually we are not traveling with your office, but I'm grateful because we got all the help and very soon what's unusual. I will offer you my friends. Once again, thank you for their kindness and wish you a lot of travelers looking for you.
Marcel Muenz
Thank you for a remarkable help with my Vacation-planning and the detailed informations. I warmly recommend this travel agency to everyone who likes to spend his vacation in Croatia. Netter Kontakt und ausgezeichneter Service. Vielen Dank.
March 2, 2005
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Today we have a holiday with Adriatic for the fifth time.We can not even imagine a vacation we can not imagine.Snow our Czech CK will sometimes offer such service as Adriatic company.There are things to learn.Thanks to you: heart :: lol :: smoke:
February 27, 2005
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