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Radutoiu Cristina
Your agency was very prompt in helping me look for an accomodation in croatia.Your proffessionalism is to be envied.I wish we had in our country people and services as you have,to offer to other tourists the services you offer in you country.Thank you again very much for your assistance.because our vacation plan has changed,I will contact you with our proxim occasion to spend our holiday in Croatia.
June 14, 2004
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With we will be on holiday this year for the second year. We have been looking forward to the experience gained since last year, we had no problems, the apartment was the same as we imagined it according to the very well developed pages of this traveler. We like the choice of the apartment but also the beaches and the price is pleasant.:happy:
Ján Csík
I also thank Mrs.Pidikova for her highly professional approach to furnishing my desired recreation.I believe that other requirements will be equiped to both sides satisfaction.The internet pages could specify the location of the object.Although they are clear and the object itself is well "readable ": heart:
Thank you very much for the quick help with our search. Hope everything works out as described.:lol :Live us all very much on our vacation and then get back to us. See you soon Karin
Martina Benova
I would like to thank Mrs Pidik for her professional approach and willingness. I was offered a lot of accommodation variation and I appreciate it very much. : Smile:
We didn't use adriatica becaue the travel agent was away when we sent in our requests. As soon as she returned she wrote us a lovely letter , and offered to help us.We had already made all our reservations, but the next time we travel to Croatia, we will use Adriatica. We were treated with kindness and concern!! Thank you Marina.:happy:
May 31, 2004
Language: English original  | English (original)
We appreciate the time you've taken to help us -- your assistance, service, and web site is very high quality.
May 29, 2004
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Fialová Zuzana
Your website is great, it offers exactly what the customer is looking for. Great advantage is easy to search. But I still have a lesser deficiency and that the booked dates have not been updated in time and more people have applied for it.
Jiří Rokoský
I had a similar problem this year as Miroslav Kettner in the first post on the first page. It is not possible for the employer to pay the holiday from the Cultural and Social Needs Fund because the bank staff of a state employee can only transfer funds to the account of the Czech bank. I did not find it any closer, but maybe the problem would be solved if the traveler had set up a bank account with the Czech bank and paid in Czech crowns. I came here this year a decent amount because the family wanted vacation in the same building as last year. But next year I will probably look for something else because I rob myself. It would be a pity, as I travel with this year for the second time and I was completely satisfied last time.
Kettner Miroslav
I will be happy to use your site in the future and I will again be able to use it in the future. I do not want to see a shortfall in FKSP's owners, ie cultural and social needs funds, because you can not pay out of this fund because it does not pay FKSP to a foreign bank only to the Czech bank together with the invoice sent to the employer. diky, kettner
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