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Guide - Nature Parks


Nature Parks

Nature Parks

Nature parks are spacious natural or partially cultivated areas. They are awarded the status of a protected area due to their significant ecological features and with the goal of keeping their landscape, historical and cultural qualities unspoiled. Moreover, they are great for a wide array of recreational activities and are therefore ideal destination for tourists and nature lovers.

Croatia has as many as 11 nature parks, 5 out of which are located along the Adriatic or in close proximity.

  • Biokovo – Biokovo Nature Park encompasses an impressive karst mountain famous for its diverse flora and fauna, and beautiful viewpoints which offer splendid views on Makarska Riviera.
  • Kopački rit – It's a swampy area at the confluence of the Drava into the Danube river. It's famous for its rich animal and plant life, especially Charadriiformes birds types, deer and wild boar.
  • Lonja Field – As one of the largest wetlands in Europe, Lonja Field definitely deserves its status of a protected nature park. Among other things it's also interesting for its vast oak forests and rich bird fauna, particularly storks.
  • Medvednica – This mountain north of Zagreb is the main recreation point for the city population. Popular for its attractive caves, deep valleys and forests of great biological value Medvednica is a nature park which encompasses as many as 8 protected forest reserves.
  • Papuk – This highest mountain in Croatia’s plains region Slavonia is protected for its range of biological, geological, landscape, cultural and historical values. Papuk Nature Park encompasses almost the entire of Papuk mountain and the western part of Krndija mountain.
  • Telašćica – This long, narrow bay in close proximity to Kornati National Park is a popular destination spot for sailors due to its safe harbor, beautiful lake and up to 180 m high cliffs.
  • Velebit – This largest mountain range in Croatia was awarded the status of World Biosphere Reserve due to its unique relief and plant and animal life. It's the largest protected area in Croatia, encompassing also Paklenica National Park and North Velebit National Park.
  • Žumberak-Samoborsko gorje Nature Park – It is famous for its well preserved forests, streams, waterfalls, slopes covered in vineyards, pastures and everyone's favorite – traditional village farms.
  • Učka – Close proximity of the sea and its special relief provided Učka mountain with a distinctive microclimate and lust forest vegetation.
  • Lake Vrana – This largest natural lake in Croatia is abundant in both sea and freshwater fish due to its proximity to the sea. Moreover, it's also famous for its rich bird life and is one of the greatest ornithological sites in Europe.
  • Lastovo Archipelago – The Lastovo Archipelago encompasses 44 islands, islets, cliffs and reefs, out of which Lastovo and Sušac islands, and Lastovnjaci and Vrhovnjaci island groups are the largest.

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